Digging & First Hits | Red Bull Rampage

Digging & First Hits | Red Bull Rampage


Digging at Rampage is the ultimate test – shoveling dirt in the baking Utah heat is brutal and certainly not for the faint of heart. Each rider selected for Red Bull Rampage must assemble their own dig crew, taking two of their most trusted buddies along for the ride. The aim? To build a line that showcases their style, offering a chance at victory in this prestigious freeride event.

“This year, my dig team consists of Marcel Durbau, an incredible Slopestyle rider from Spain and shaper at La Poma bike park. I also have Ryan Rodriguez, who’s an older guy, but I consider him a legend within the freeride community  he has so much experience digging in the desert.” – Bienvenido Aguado Alba, MOB Freeride Athlete

Dig teams must battle the elements and terrain, all while the minutes tick by on their eight-day countdown. Throughout the week, Bienve will begin to test their features while the dig crew watches on, ready to tweak the line as needed.

Choosing your build team is no easy feat – with stakes this high, the pressure is on.

“Digging is fun when you see the results, but at the beginning it’s hard to see the end. Of course, there is always a plan, but it’s hard to stick to it.”  – Bienvenido Aguado Alba, MOB Freeride Athlete

Bienve’s Line:

On looker’s left, Bienve’s line follows the same ridge as Dylan Starks 2022 line, traversing the technical upper terrain before setting him loose on a series of huge trickable features. A step down into double-drop highlight, along with the infamous canyon gap. The lower part of the line features several trick booters, where he’ll look to seal the deal with a solid performance.

Stay tuned throughout the week on YT Mob Youtube, and Instagram for more from Utah.

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