Julian Voytilla | Welcome to the YT Family
YT Family

Julian Voytilla | Welcome to the YT Family


Young Talent. That’s what YT Industries stands for, and it’s something that lives inside of us all. Generations of mountain bike mayhem course through the veins of the #YTFamily. Even though he may be at the beginning of his mountain bike journey, the latest addition to the YT brood is already tricking and flipping his way onto the global radar. Introducing our newest and youngest athlete, Julian Voytilla.  

Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, Julian Voytilla is all about having fun and throwing shapes with the effortless style that many can only dream of having. From the age of five, Julian was busy building jumps in his backyard with his dad and honing his skills on the trails and in the bike park. Session after session of perfecting his style, Julian found comradery in the local community of his favourite riding spot, Highland MTB park. From here, Julian’s riding began to reach new heights – literally.

Julian Voytilla sending a drop on his YT Industries primus

For many mountain bikers, landing a backflip on dirt is a huge milestone that takes a lot of determination, practice and, well, bravery. Julian smashed this goal at 9 years old during a slopestyle contest, making it look all too easy to us mere mortals. With one challenge ticked off the list, Julian’s focus is to “incorporate bigger tricks into contest runs (flips, 360’s, Barspins), and work on learning truckdrivers.

julian voytilla with his yt jeffsy primus mountain bike

YT has an amazing group of riders from all disciplines. Their bikes are second to none. So stoked to be on board!