Red Bull Hardline 2023 | An Interview With Josh Lowe
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Red Bull Hardline 2023 | An Interview With Josh Lowe


The wildest event of the year is back for 2023

Picture this – You’re looking down the trail. You see jumps, drops, and huge hits everywhere. It’s utter carnage. Now take that fear and times it by ten… and you’re not even close to Red Bull Hardline.

Nothing short of controlled chaos, Hardline is a track that blurs the lines of what’s possible on two wheels and pushes riders to the brink of sanity. For 2023, the course builders have upped the ante, making Hardline this year’s must-watch event.

So, who’s got the guts to take it on? Enter 2021 Red Bull Hardline “Rider of the Week” and YT MOB rider Josh Lowe. After wiping out in qualifying at last year’s event, Josh is hungry to get back on track. We took some time to shoot the sh*t with him and get his thoughts on the upcoming event.

What keeps you coming back to Red Bull Hardline?

“In my opinion, it’s the best week of the year. Although it’s a race, there’s so much more to Hardline. All week you have big sessions with a good crew on features you don’t get to ride every day… nor features you would actually want to ride every day. To me, it’s a new strand of racing that mixes freeride and downhill, and I’m happy to be part of the progression.

It’s also just the way that the event is organized that makes it so good. It’s not like a normal race where everyone is in their teams, and you are stressed for time on the track. Instead, everyone pits together, you have plenty of time to practice the track, everyone helps each other out on the features, and we stay in the same accommodation. To me, it’s a good reflection of the mountain bike community.”

Red Bull Hardline Logo Josh Lowe

Have you done anything different this year in preparation?

To be honest, I’ve come into this year with a different mindset. I really want to enjoy the moment and enjoy the event. I’ve been at Dyfi bike park a lot over the off-season and have been here a couple of days ahead of the event with my mechanic to make sure the bike is set up for the big hits.

“I’ve also been putting in the work in the gym making sure my shoulder is back to full strength after a series of injuries on it. I have also been trying to build up some strength so that I can pedal hard enough to clear those 95ft+ jumps!”

Josh Lowe Red Bull Hardline Track Walk

What are you most looking forward to at Hardline?

“The first sessions. It’s hard to explain, but there is such a good atmosphere when everyone is testing features for the first time. There is so much hype. I like to think I’m quite a reserved rider. I smile a lot, but I’m not the type to scream and shout. But when you hit some of the jumps and drops for the first time, you can’t help but let out some emotion.”

Josh Lowe Red Bull Hardline Scoping Out Drop
Red Bull hardline Josh Lowe Gap
Road Gap Red Bull Hardline

After your crash last year, did you think about not racing Hardline again?

No. Last year was a steep learning curve. I felt good all week and let the pressure and expectation get to my head. I made a small mistake pushing a bit hard when I didn’t need to and clipped a tree. This year I’m coming in more calm and want to enjoy the moment because it’s not often you get invited to this type of event.

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