Rut Bashin’ with Josh Lowe | Behind the Scenes
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Rut Bashin’ with Josh Lowe | Behind the Scenes


Earlier this year, Josh carved out some time for a day of Rut Bashin’ in the prime loam of his local trails. This collaborative video project showcases the very best, not entirely legal, trails and features that allow Josh hit full-send. Before we kick off with some behind-the-scenes gold, get a load of the full edit below.

Josh, such a sick edit! Can you talk us through the video project and how it came to be?

rut bashin with josh lowe tommy c 2023
rut bashin with josh lowe tommy c 2023

With so many sick features and sends in Rut Bashin’, do you have a particular favourite?

That hip! These are my local trails, so it’s a combination of tracks. I’ve ridden past this gully for years and years and always wanted to build a feature in there, almost like a half-pipe – and we finally got a chance to do this for the edit. We weren’t technically allowed to do this, so we dug it in the early morning, rode it and then knocked it down and covered it all up straight after.

What were the most challenging aspects of doing this video project?

The hardest bit was riding the last feature, rolling off that drop and down that chute. No one had done it before, and I didn’t know what it was like. When you drop in, it’s about a bike length before you go off the next drop. So I didn’t know if it was too hard or so soft that you’d actually tip over and go over the bars, which would have been catastrophic. So that was the gnarliest thing and pretty nerve-wracking.

As a seasoned invitee to the iconic Red Bull Hardline event, Josh Lowe’s preparation is underway for this year’s installment in July.

Josh Lowe Cornering Downhill Red Bull Hardline

Apart from Red Bull Hardline, what else do you have planned for 2023?

I work full-time in the city and ride for YT, so it’s always been a goal to manage both simultaneously and to a high level. In terms of biking, the front and centre is Red Bull Hardline; I’d like to be well up there, ideally in the top 10, and maybe push on further, but the key thing is to have fun and see what happens. Apart from that, I’d like to be out at Crankworx doing these new styles of races where it’s a combination of not just pure downhill but it’s downhill with fun jumps, whip-offs and that style of riding. Other than that, just do some cool projects with YT and Reverse, and push out some cool content.

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