Sami Sauri Joins the YT Family
YT Family

Sami Sauri Joins the YT Family


We are stoked to welcome the adventurous wild-child of gravel riding, Sami Sauri, to the YT Family.  

If there’s anyone who lives and breathes adventure, it’s Sami. There are few areas of this world that the Spanish-born athlete hasn’t ventured on two wheels or surfed on her board. Hailing from Barcelona, Sami grew up in a city where riding a bike was a practical way of getting around. On board her single-speed fixie, Sami commuted around town as a courier but soon realized the advantages of living a life on two wheels. 

“Having a fixed-gear bike saved me money, it was easy to maintain, and it allowed me to discover so many more places than a car could take me.” 

From the age of 17, a strong desire to travel took hold, leading Sami into the realm of competitive crit racing. Having competed in Alleycat’s and Red Hook events worldwide, Sami secured brand sponsorship while growing a reputation as a formidable athlete. After years of riding only fixed-gear bikes, Sami bolstered her training with a road bike, leading to a new passion – endurance cycling. 

In 2018, Sami Sauri ventured along Route 66 by bike. After pedaling some 2,500km over 25-days, Sami’s perspective would be forever changed. Deciding to quit her job and leave her home, Sami led a nomadic lifestyle for over a year, where her adventures would continue through the Canadian wilderness and far beyond.  

“The SZEPTER was amazing in Bolivia! I couldn’t have taken a better bike as it was perfect for the rougher terrain. The bike was ideal for flowy downhill and wasn’t too heavy for going up either.” 

Sami Sauri

Facts about Sami

  • Doesn’t have a driving license
  • Spends 2/3 of the year travelling
  • Passionate surfer
  • Bikepacks with a travel-size cheese board set
  • Overcomes fatigue with dance music
  • Fan of true crime podcasts

Sami Sauri is YT’s first gravel ambassador, but don’t be surprised if you catch her slaying trails on her CAPRA or rallying XC courses on an IZZO. Multi-discipline and multi-talented, we’ve barely scratched the surface of this intrepid two-wheel explorer. 

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