What the Heck is a YT Mill?
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What the Heck is a YT Mill?


Come one, come all! The YT MILL is our rider experience centre where you can immerse yourself in the world of YT and embrace a life UNCAGED.

Bike porn

YT JEFFSY at the YT MILL Surrey Hills

Each YT MILL showcases bikes, apparel and accessories in elaborate and eye-catching displays. We’re proud of our creations, and like artists exhibiting their masterpieces in a gallery, we add context to each model that best tells the story of each YT bike. For more information about each model’s origin story, chat with one of the YT crew members.

Demo a YT bike

After the shiny showroom bikes have gotten you stoked for action, you have your chance to ride one.

You can now demo a bike straight from the YT MILL. We’ll get set up and ready for the good times before sending you off to experience YT in its raw and purest form – on the trails. Each YT MILL is located within a stone’s throw of excellent riding trails. Our team will roll you out in the right direction with personalised route tips so you can get the most from your demo experience.

Shop ’til you drop

Unlike regular bike shops, we don’t have hordes of YT bikes sitting around collecting dust. Instead, we offer personalised advice on which model, size and spec are best suited for you. Once you’ve found your dream combo, you can order your bike in the YT MILL with one of the crew on hand to guide you through the process. 

Of course, no one likes to go home empty-handed, though. The YT MILLs are stocked full of cool sh*t like hoodies and t-shirts for the aprés ride, YT performance wear for shredding in style and a boat-load of accessories for you and your bike. And, if you ask kindly at the front desk, we can sort you out with some rad YT sticker sheets, too.

The YT Mill Workshop

Each YT MILL has a well-equipped workshop with a dedicated team of tech wizards whose job is to keep you riding.

So whether you need a helping hand setting up your new bike or you want to fine-tune your suspension, we have technicians and tools to get the job done. Of course, too many good times can lead to general wear, tear and the occasional dirt nap. But worry not because the YT MILL offers full servicing and warranty work to get you rolling buttery smooth again in no time.

Did someone say coffee (or beer)? 

With barista-style coffee and draught beer on tap, the YT MILL knows how to cater to every mountain biker. Both the UK and US MILLs have comfortable lounge spaces decorated with a YT treasure trove of memories and good times, so pull up a chair and immerse yourself in a bit of YT history.

We have people pop down to escape the busy office, enjoy a change of scenery from the house, or swing by after a ride to say hello, grab a brew, and enjoy the chatter with the YT crew.

YT Mill Events

YT Mill ride out in Surrey Hills

The Surrey Hills and San Clemente MILLS are just a stone’s throw away from the trails, making them the ideal meeting spot for ride-outs.

So why not drop by a YT MILL when you have the chance? Come by, hang out with a barista brew or craft beer, vent your troubles away (there’s no judgment here), and experience the world of YT in the best possible way.