The YT SZEPTER Gravel Bike | Bringing Concept to Reality
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The YT SZEPTER Gravel Bike | Bringing Concept to Reality


Creating a bike to excel across all terrain types is no easy feat. It must be efficient yet capable, responsive but compliant, and lightweight while remaining durable. There is no room for compromise, but the YT SZEPTER gravel bike rises to the challenge. 

No messing around, no bullshit – the SZEPTER is made for the rough stuff and built for speed and fun. It’s the gravel bike for mountain bikers.

Whether tarmac, trail, or gravel, you decide where to go, because the SZEPTER lies in your hand

Markus Flossmann, Founder & CVO of YT Industries

The Origins of the SZEPTER

SZEPTER Gravel Bike Frame Press Camp

SZEPTER is derived from the word scepter (zepter in German). This word symbolizes authority, a trait that the SZEPTER maintains over all terrain. It’s a tool you can wield and experience the power to ride everything, everywhere, all in a single ride. This nod to monarchy spawned the tagline DETHRONE ROUTINE – A call to arms to break free from the restraints of repetition.

Early design inspiration for the SZEPTER included Group B rally cars and stealth jets, which heavily influenced the integrated mudguards and unique frame shape.

With the SZEPTER, we started a new category for YT. That required diligent market research and testing of all existing products on the market. And testing, and testing.

We figured out very quickly that an in-depth knowledge of developing road bikes is not very helpful in developing an awesome gravel bike. From our perspective, it’s even more important to know how to create a bike that is fun on trails, and that’s our core strength.

Frank Dörr, Product Development Manager
SZEPTER Gravel Bike Dust California

What Are the Key Features of a Gravel Bike?

YT SZEPTER Gravel Bike Markus Flossmann California

Many existing gravel bikes place a focus on on-road performance. Although the SZEPTER still crushes asphalt, we focused on amplifying confidence. It’s a gravel bike designed for all-terrain performance, built to bring the party to the trails.

But what makes a gravel bike a gravel bike? Key traits include dropped handlebars, wide tires, and the ability to combine on and off-road cycling into a single ride.

YT Industries SZEPTER CORE 4 Spec RockShox SRAM

What Sets the YT SZEPTER Gravel Bike Apart From the Competition?

With our geometry, the head angle is slacker, and seat tube is shorter, which gives more confidence at high speeds as the bike is more stable. We have a long reach, which allows more space to maneuver around the bike, and allows us to use shorter stems which make the handling more precise

Reynaldo Ilagan, Director of Product Development


The headtube design for the SZEPTER is all-new. It draws inspiration from the flowing lines and durability of gladiator armor and features a high-volume design to generate superior stiffness. This provides pinpoint precision and control when tackling demanding terrain. 


The curved seat tube design is a perfect combination of form and function. Its aggressive look is purposeful, with the flattened shape improving spray protection, while the MTB-inspired 30.9mm seatpost compatibility permits long-travel dropper posts.

YT SZEPTER Seat Tube Rear Fender
YT SZEPTER Integrated Rear Fender Tyre


Although laterally stiff to enhance power transfer, the unique frame design permits an element of vertical compliance in the direction of the seat tube. This flex improves comfort, limiting vibrations to reduce rider fatigue on longer rides.


The SZEPTER was built from the ground up with comfort and confidence in mind. Compared to most existing gravel bikes, it features an increased stack height to create an upright ride position. This is paired with a shallow handlebar drop, which enhances bike control by limiting the need to strain the neck for orientation.

YT SZEPTER ZIPP Handlebar Fizik Bar Tape


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