Sending the YT PRIMUS with Lennox Zimmermann | Behind the Scenes
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Sending the YT PRIMUS with Lennox Zimmermann | Behind the Scenes


“I really love the handling of the bike. You can go super fast but still have a lot of control.”

– Lennox Zimmermann

The pros make it look so easy, but shooting a bike edit can be tricky. There are plenty of external factors at play that can make or break a successful outcome. For this video project, it was the weather. Already pretty cold in the late winter of Austria, the crew didn’t anticipate such a thick blanket of snow to come crashing down overnight on the Wexl Trails.

lennox zimmermann shovelling snow for the YT PRIMUS 27

“Filming in the snow was super hard. It was super, super cold, and we had to shovel much snow away. It was super slippery, but the shots turned out amazing!”

– Lennox Zimmermann

Of course, there are some perks of shooting edits, regardless of snow; you get to ride your bike all day, schralping corners and hitting full send on features.

Lennox Zimmermann
lennox zimmermann yt primus 27

“I loved filming the 4 corners in a row. You were able to go super fast and braap into the last corner!”

Lennox Zimmermann

With Lennox Zimmermann nailing his first major video project of 2023, what else is on the horizon for the up-and-coming BMX and slopestyle athlete?

“My plans for 2023 are to ride my bike as much as possible. I want to learn some cool tricks like a Cork 720 and much more. I’m gonna be at Dirtmasters in Winterberg, and hopefully many more big events like these.”

– Lennox Zimmermann

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